The children's dance program is designed to instill a love of dance and an appreciation for the art form. The program
stresses creative work, rhythm training, enriching the imagination, increasing physical confidence and expression,
while encouraging accuracy and excellence through basic skill building and body awareness.

Pre-Ballet / Creative Movement (3 & 4 year olds)
A creative approach is taken to make each child’s first dance experience a positive one. Creative Movement introduces
three and four year olds to basic ballet technique and movement phrases. Basic ballet positions and steps will be introduced.
The focus is on rhythm, musicality, coordination and fun!

Kinderdance (4 & 5 year olds)
Kinderdance introduces four and five year olds to basic ballet and tap technique and movement phrases.
The focus is on rhythm, musicality, coordination and fun!

Ballet / Tap Combination Class
(Level I 5-7 year olds / Level II 6-8 year olds / Level III 7-9 year olds)
A combined tap and ballet class is offered for children ages 5 through 9. Basic ballet and tap terminology, rhythms, fine
motor skills and muscle awareness are taught through the use of children's songs and dance routines. Youngsters benefit
from this overall learning experience while preparing to advance to the next level of dance. At the teachers discretion, some
students may progress in level earlier than the age recommended.

Ballet (7 to Adult)
Classical ballet is an excellent base for all dance forms. Alignment, agility,
posture and balance will be strengthened through barre and center work.

Pre-Jazz (6-8 year olds)
Pre-jazz introduces students to basic jazz technique and combinations. Students must be enrolled in
Ballet/Tap II or higher and must have a teacher recommendation in order to take this class.

Jazz (8 to Adult)
Jazz is a modern dance form that can be seen from music videos to Broadway. Focus will be on technique, style, rhythm, coordination and strength. (It is strongly recommended that jazz students take ballet.)

Tap (4 to Adult)
Tap is the ultimate in rhythm training. Tap combines rhythm, timing, coordination and style and continues to be a favorite in the world of dance.

Musical Theatre (8 to Adult)
This class will guide students through drama work, vocal exercises and choreography from several Broadway musicals.

Students must learn proper technique in order to have success and good health in dance. A student may not enter a full hour
ballet class until he or she reaches age seven or eight. Pre-Ballet and Kinderdance classes will be offered to three, four and
five year old children, and a more advanced ballet / tap class will be offered for five to eight year old children. These classes
will give young students the benefit of physical movement, strength, agility, and coordination, while stressing the importance
of technique and rhythm.

An eight-year old student may enter the beginning ballet class or the beginning tap class even if they have not taken pre-ballet,
kinderdance or the ballet/tap class at the studio.

A student may not take a full hour jazz class until they are eight years old. NO EXCEPTIONS! Students enrolled in any A level
jazz class MUST be enrolled in a ballet technique class.

If a child comes to the studio and is the age of eight or older, they may take the classes they wish, but ballet will be strongly
recommended in conjunction with the other styles of dance the student chooses to take. This, again, is to ensure proper technique.
Higher level jazz technique classes will require its students to take ballet.