class descriptions

This Program is specifically designed for developing 2-3 year olds through the art of Dance.
In this class we will explore basic concepts of musicality and rhythm, as well as motor skills as they relate to dance. 

minitots: This is our 3-4 year old program, designed to continue your child's dance education and knowledge.
This class will continue to develop musicality and rhythm, and will have a greater focus on the fine motor skills of Dance.
Dancers will also be introduced to Creative Movement concepts as well as Basic Ballet Positions.

littletots: This curriculum is specifically designed for the continuing development of the 4-5 year old mind; this program
will focus on the fine tuning of Dance Technique and Concepts.  Students will not only continue to develop musicality, but
will also begin to learn more complex patterns of steps and technique.  Creative Movement concepts will be utilized to further
assist in the understanding of Dance and Music.